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Need a Cool Red for the Heat of Summer?

Try Grenache!

One of my favorite and most versatile red wines is the Grenache varietal. In regions like the Côte du Rhône and California's Central Coast, it is often blended with Syrah, which adds depth, color, and fruitiness. On its own, Grenache is a wonderful, medium-bodied wine that pairs well with most foods and is best served between 50-58°F. This makes it a perfect cool red option for those who prefer red wine over white in the summer heat.

Grenache is lush and soft on the palate, typically expressing flavors of plum and raspberry. In Sardinia, it is known as Cannonau, and in Spain, as Garnacha. These versions tend to be lighter because they are usually unblended. An added bonus is that you can often find a decent bottle for $10-$17. The California and Rhône blends have a bit more weight and darker fruit flavors due to the addition of Syrah. Côte du Rhône wines can be found for $12-$25, while California versions range from $15-$25.

Younger the wine (current or recent vintage) is recommended if you like more fruit.

I encourage you to find a bottle and enjoy it on a hot, steamy night with carpaccio, burgers, grilled vegetables, or salmon. Cheers!


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