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My primary focus in my artwork is capturing landscapes, with a special emphasis on the Mid-Atlantic region, particularly North Carolina and Virginia. Many of my pieces begin as Plein Air studies and are later completed in my studio. This approach affords me greater flexibility in applying glazes, which, in turn, enhances the vibrancy and depth of color in my paintings.
Hydrangea Crepe Mrytle Impressionism flowers WRAL Gardens Raleigh North Carolina
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Hydrangea under Crepe Myrtle WRAL 20 X 24 Linen Canvas

A lush hydrangea bush in its full, vibrant bloom graces the scene on an early summer morning. In the backdrop, an uncommon and ethereal Glowing Embers Hydrangea adds a captivating touch to the serene landscape. Location is st the WRAL gardens in Raleigh North Carolina.

Washington Monument District of Columbia

Monument 24X20 Oil on Linen

A painting capturing the Washington Monument on a May morning, where the atmosphere is charged with the weight of heavy clouds in the sky, creating a truly atmospheric and dramatic scene...

Hot Spring Morning arlington national cemetery looking towards Washington DC

HALLOWED MORNING 24X 30 Oil on Linen

"Hallowed Morning" portrays the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as its central focus, surrounded by the iconic elements of the District of Columbia. In the background, the stately Jefferson Memorial and the distant U.S. Capitol loom gracefully, veiled by an atmospheric interpretation of the heavy, humid air characteristic of late spring mornings. This painting resonates with a sense of reverence and history, capturing a moment of tranquil grandeur amidst the nation's landmarks.

Tar River North Carolina Rocky Mount Autumn afternoon overcast skies

Overcast on the Tar 11X14 Linen board

In this evocative painting, an overcast view unveils itself from a pedestrian bridge spanning the Tar River, offering a contemplative perspective of a tributary stream. Late autumn's rich tapestry of colors graces the backdrop, while the Tar River stretches beneath gloomy late Autumn overcast skies. The scene encapsulates a blend of seasons and moods, where the natural world merges with atmospheric nuances, inviting viewers to explore the beauty in both the familiar and the ever-changing.

Foot path North Caroliina Muesum Art Autumn

Autumns Path 24X18 Oil on Canvas

In this enchanting painting, a footpath unfurls from the North Carolina Museum of Art, framed by the transformative beauty of autumn. What were once lush green grasses have matured into a rich tapestry of earthy browns. Above, the sky harmonizes with the path, gently beckoning you to follow as it leads you on a captivating journey into the heart of the season's splendor.

Eno River North Carolina on a hot summer day

Banks of the Eno 11X14 canvas on board

In this vibrant painting, the banks of the Eno River bask in the brilliance of a summer's day. The bright yellows of the trees vividly depict the intense summer sun, casting a warm, inviting glow upon the scene. Alongside, the Eno River flows steadily with its cool, refreshing waters, providing a soothing contrast to the summer's heat.

Saint Francis Chapel New York State Niagra River on summer afternoon with fuffy clouds atmosheric effect

St Francis Chapel 22X28 Oil on Linen

A warm summer day near Niagara Falls, New York, St. Francis Chapel stands gracefully by the river's edge, its presence commanding attention in the foreground. The chapel, a picturesque sanctuary of serenity, exudes an air of timeless tranquility as it overlooks the mighty Niagara River.

Spanish Moss Gooseneck State Park North Carolina

Spanish Moss 11X14 Oil on Linen

Goose Neck State Park in North Carolina, As you walk to the banks of the Pamlico River you'll immediately be struck by the enchanting sight of trees adorned with Spanish Moss. This natural wonder creates a captivating and almost mystical atmosphere, inviting visitors into a world of timeless beauty and tranquility.

Autumn North Carolina State Museum of Art

Autumn Golden Hues 11 X14 Canvas board

A captivating painting that captures the essence of the North Carolina Museum of Art's enchanting landscape during the peak of autumn. The artwork skillfully showcases the rich and warm golden colors of the trees, which are at the heart of the scene.

North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway view from overlook as a storm moves in from the Southeast

Overlook 11X14 Oil on Linen

A fusion of plein air and studio techniques, creating a mesmerizing and moody representation of a moment in time. The initiated the piece en plein air, using a grisaille approach, and later enriched it with intricate studio work, employing numerous glazes. The result is a captivating portrayal of a scenic vista with a approaching storm that captures the essence of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

View from Ginsberg Gravesite in Arlington National cemetery on autumn morning

View from Ginsberg Grave 20X24 Oil on Linen

In this oil painting born from my hand sketches, the view from Ginsberg's grave site unfolds as a masterpiece of autumnal enchantment, framed by the iconic Washington Monument. A majestic oak tree commands attention in the foreground, its sprawling branches adorned with leaves transforming into a symphony of warm hues – a palette ranging from deep russet to radiant red. The brushstrokes capture the essence of late October, where nature orchestrates its final crescendo before the onset of winter.

Fishing on Falla Lake North Carolina on a windy morning

Fishing on a Windy Day 20X24 Oil on Linen

In the heart of Falls Lake, North Carolina, a timeless scene unfolds on a blustery day, where two men find solace in the art of fishing. The choppy waters of the lake dance to the rhythm of the wind, creating a dynamic canvas beneath the wind swept clouds. The atmosphere is charged with a sense of anticipation as the anglers cast their lines into the depths, their figures braced against the brisk wind.

Azaleas in full bloom at Arlington National Cemetery

Springs Delight 20X24 Oil on Linen

The red azaleas, bold and striking, stand as poignant symbols against the backdrop of the cemetery's hallowed grounds. Their rich, deep hues echo the solemnity of the site while adding a touch of warmth and resilience to the scene. Pink azaleas delicately unfurl their petals, casting a soft and comforting glow that complements the somber surroundings, offering a gentle reminder of hope and renewal.

Sunset reflects off clouds over the beach in North Carolina

Decembers Sunset Reflection 18 X24 Oil on Canvas

As the sun sets behind, its rays cast a mesmerizing reflection on distant rain clouds, painting the sky with a warm glow. A breathtaking dance of light and shadow unfolds, creating a tranquil and captivating celestial display.

View from Arlington House looking towards Washington DC

Capitol City 24 X 30 Oil on Canvas

From Arlington House's steps, embrace a stunning view of the nation's capital. Autumn's gentle touch begins to reveal vibrant hues, casting a warm palette over the landscape, creating a timeless and enchanting scene.

Red Maple Full color Autumn Arlington National Cemetery

Red Maple Arlington Full Color 18 X24 Oil on Canvas

Vibrant autumn hues adorn Arlington National Cemetery in this captivating oil painting. The focal point is a majestic red maple tree, its rich, full-color foliage evoking the beauty and solemnity of the season, creating a poignant tribute to the sacred grounds.

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