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David Sloane

Welcome to My Site

In my early years, I was drawn to any art class that could stimulate my vivid imagination. There was something truly captivating about the freedom of expression in the visual arts, and it wasn't long before I discovered my passion for painting.


However, it wasn't until an essential moment in my life, with the passing of my beloved Grandmother, Virginia Burr Hartle, that my artistic journey took a profound turn. She was not just any artist; she was a talented painter in oils and watercolors. She had graduated from the prestigious University of Arts in Philadelphia and dedicated her life to teaching art in New Jersey's public schools. Her legacy lived on in her beautiful works of art, which I was fortunate to inherit. 


Among the treasures she left me were her paintings and a paintbox containing her brushes and paints.  It was a profound moment that ignited a passionate fire within me to carry on her artistic heritage.  I immersed myself in the art world, studying the works of great masters like Turner, Monet, Renoir, and Childe Hassam.


Their artistry became the compass that guided my creative endeavors. Their brushstrokes their mastery of color and light, influenced and shaped my artistic vision. My works took on a contemporary yet primarily impressionistic style, with traditional oils on canvas as my preferred medium. I found solace and inspiration in nature and landscapes, using vivid colors to capture the essence of the world around me.


Over time, I allowed my artistic spirit to evolve, becoming more experimental with different mediums and substrates.Above all, my ultimate goal as an artist is to inspire emotion through atmosphere, color, and light.


With each brush stroke, I aim to transport viewers to the scenes I've created, allowing them to feel the same sense of wonder and connection to the natural world that has always fueled my passion for art.In every canvas I paint, in every stroke I make, I pay homage to my grandmother's legacy and her profound impact on my artistic journey. And so, with each new creation, I continue to tell the story of my life through the vibrant and emotional language of art.

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