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Early on, I loved any art class that stimulated my imagination. The freedom of expression in the Visual Arts had a particular draw..

An important moment in my life happened with the passing of my Grandmother, Virginia Burr Hartle. She was a talented painter in oi
ls and watercolor, graduated from the University of Arts in Philadelphia, and taught in New Jersey public schools. I inherited some of her paintings and a paintbox containing her brushes and paints, which furthered my passion for painting.

Honduras sunset_.JPG
First Oil Painting 1990
Virginia Hartle.jpg


I took my rediscovery and studied Turner, Monet, Renoir, and Childe Hassam, who became the most significant influences in my art.


My works are contemporary, primarily impressionistic, with traditional Oils on Canvas. For the most part, subjects centered around nature and landscapes with vivid colors. Over time I've grown to be more experimental with mediums and substrates.

I want to inspire emotion through atmosphere, color, and light.

Virginia B.  Hartle

Oil Painting by Virginia Burr Hartle

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