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Urban Oasis

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

When you drive have you ever noticed a beautiful bed of flowers on the roadside, or rushing into an appointment, see a landscaped area that was bursting with colors or had interesting shapes. So much of my inspiration in landscapes comes from what I call "urban oasis." These are landscaped areas that offer bright colors, many forms of various bushes and trees. Often overlooked or because we are driving by, we can't stop to admire their beauty. What I try to do is omit the everyday clutter of our modern world by removing the buildings, roads, and cars. I want to enhance the beauty of those scenes as if they were in nature on their own.

A couple of examples are, a bank of Redbuds blooming in early spring; this bank is actually on an interstate between the highway and the exit ramp. Another is the azaleas under the pines which was located on the roadside in front of an office complex. Again, I omitted the buildings and road.

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